Tweens DBT Skills Group

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This group will teach its members specific skills to help them take charge of their emotions. These will include mindfulness skills like learning to control breath and focus, learning to deal with painful feelings through techniques like self-soothing, learning how to accept two opposite feelings or truths, learning how to validate others, and how to feed and take care of your body in a way that will improve mood and health.

This group will be most effective if all 10 groups are attended. We require each family to commit to at least 5 of the groups. Each group is $40 per child. Each family is required to participate in a one hour intake with Julia or Beth prior to the group starting. Cost of the family intake is $100 per family. Families are required to continue with or seek individual or family therapy for their tween while they are in the group so that skills can be reinforced in this setting as well. This can be with Julia , co-facilitator Beth Rosenwasser, PhD or another licensed provider. Please call 267-702-3789 or email for more information or to schedule an intake.

Weathering The Storm

This group will be offered at Two River Therapy’s office on Thursdays starting in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

This 6 week series is a support group that also offers education to people struggling with postpartum mental health. Each week will cover a topic that affects postpartum mental health and provide opportunities to share with and learn from other people experiencing similar emotions and difficulties and joys.

Week 1: The basics: how to ask for help, and what to ask for

Week 2: WTF just happened? Processing loss and trauma in the postpartum period

Week 3: Postpartum eating and sleeping

Week 4: Your postpartum body: will it ever be the same? The short answer is no…lets get into it…

Week 5: Postpartum partnerships: how the 4th trimester and beyond affects your partnerships and how to keep them healthy (still very much applicable for single parents!)

Week 6: Attachment and bonding with your child