In-Home or In-Office Therapy for Perinatal and Postpartum  Counseling

I know first hand about how anxiety and depression can overwhelm you during pregnancy and the first year or even longer after you give birth. There are so many different reasons that people need emotional support during pregnancy and that first year (or the first few years!). This service is why I started Two Rivers Therapy. In order to better help my perinatal and postpartum clients I completed Postpartum Support International’s two day training in November of 2018.  I also use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is one of the most evidenced based approaches to recovering from a postpartum mood disorder.

If you live in the Strawberry Mansion, Brewerytown, Art Museum or Fairmount neighborhoods, I would love to come to you for an in-home visit (getting out of the house is no joke in those first few months – or years!). If you prefer to get out of the house we can meet at my office located at 846 N 25th St. Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Individual Counseling

I recognize that my clients aren’t just individuals. They are members of families and communities, and these relationships have an affect on people and behaviors. In my work with clients I address this and more to create a dynamic and action oriented approach to change. I work hard to make sure that my clients feel safe and comfortable so that they can open up about what has been going on and so that they can feel comfortable trying new things and experimenting with change in our visit. This isn’t just talk therapy. We will talk about and practice actual skills that can help in everyday life.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are amazing and they are hard! In my four years of working with couples, I have learned that the number one issue for most couples is negative communication patterns. Communication styles can differ greatly based on culture, the family you were raised in, and the traumatic events in your life. This can create painful patterns. First I learn about a couples communication patterns as well as some relevant history. Then I can teach you how to change that pattern so that communication can become more effective and less painful.

In-Home or In-Office Family Therapy

If you are worried about your child’s behaviors, family therapy can be much more effective than individual therapy. I am trained in and have four years of experience in Eco-Systemic Structural Family Therapy. This is an action oriented therapy that focuses on using trauma informed and attachment based methods for healing relationships in a family. I approach each family with the understanding that the parents are the experts in their child. My role is to help guide the family towards more growth promoting patterns of communication which can have major impacts on the behavior of people within the family. Because it can be hard to get a whole family to an office, and because I think a home is often an important member of the family, I offer in-home family therapy.  This service can be done along side couples and individual counseling.


I am excited to offer teletherapy. While this type of counseling is not for everyone, it is an important way to ensure that everyone has access to qualified therapists. All you need is a computer and internet access for a session in the comfort of your home without having to travel. It can also be used in combination with in office visits.